Sunday, April 30, 2017

Photoessay: Urban Utah - B&W Street Photography

Hustle & Bustle - Salt Lake City, Utah
Over the last couple of weeks I've had a few opportunities to do some street-type photography in and around the Salt Lake City, Utah, metropolitan area, including a couple downtown adventures. I walked around with a camera, capturing the city scenes as I saw them.

Urban life is dissimilar to rural life or even suburban life. The people are different, the atmosphere is different, the values are different, the pace is different, the architecture is different. This is something I've always been photographically fascinated by. The picture opportunities seem endless.

I used a Fujifilm X-E1 camera with a Rokinon f/2 12mm lens (except for Because Everyone Is Unique, which was an X-Fujinon f/3.5 135mm lens). I really enjoy the challenge of going ultra-wide-angle. You have to really get into the scene, and I'm actually much closer to the subject than it would appear in the images. Trying to remain inconspicuous is difficult, but necessary. When I say that it is a challenge I really mean that, but the experience is rewarding.

The images are camera-made color JPEGs that were converted to black-and-white using Nik Silver Efex. I purposefully made them contrasty and grainy to mimic the look of film (the films that I "grew up" using before the days of digital). I chose black-and-white because it helps communicate the emotion that I'm trying to convey through these images--color images would have an entirely different feeling.

Because Everyone Is Unique - Ogden, Utah
One Way Or Another - Ogden, Utah
Push Button For That Way - Ogden, Utah
Time To Wait - Draper, Utah
New - Draper, Utah
Moon, Come And Play - Draper, Utah
Welcome to Downtown - Salt Lake City, Utah
Leaving & Stuck - Salt Lake City, Utah
Solitude Life - Salt Lake City, Utah
Walking Holga Style - Salt Lake City, Utah
Walking Past Texas - Salt Lake City, Utah
Busy Businessman - Salt Lake City, Utah
Mobile Tourist - Salt Lake City, Utah
Walking Woolen Mills - Salt Lake City, Utah
When Life Leaves You Behind - Salt Lake City, Utah
Bus Stop - Salt Lake City, Utah
Where Are You - Salt Lake City, Utah
Up Against A Wall - Salt Lake City, Utah
Empty Street - Salt Lake City, Utah
Coffee Shop Smile - Salt Lake City, Utah

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