Thursday, March 16, 2017

Photoessay: Wasatch Window - Capturing Utah Mountains From My Backyard

Mountain Evening - South Weber, Utah
One year ago my wife, three young kids and I flew from California to Salt Lake City, Utah, to look at houses. We were getting ready to relocate from The Golden State to a state that proclaims "Life Elevated." It was the beginning of new adventures.

They say that everyone in Utah has a home with a view. That's not entirely true, although it is largely true. When we looked at houses one thing that was on our wish list was a nice view of the mountains. There were several homes that met that criteria. But one house had a better view than most, with a mostly-unobstructed view of the Wasatch Mountains from the backyard. That's the house that we ended up buying.

Over the last year I have casually photographed the Wasatch Mountains from my backyard. We can see several peaks, including Ogden Mountain, and the mouth of Weber Canyon. The mountains change with the time of day and the time of year. We have now experienced all four seasons.

These are far from the only photographs that I've captured of the Wasatch Mountains. These are just the ones that I photographed while standing in my backyard. Short drives reveal even greater photographic opportunities. But it does go to show that you don't always have to go far to capture interesting images. Sometimes all you have to do is step outside. That's especially the case in Utah.

Monochrome Wasatch - South Weber, Utah
Cloud Behind The Ridge - South Weber, Utah
The Space Between The Peaks - South Weber, Utah
A double-exposure photograph. 
Clouds Around The Mountain - South Weber, Utah
Moving Sky - South Weber, Utah
Wasatch & Sky - South Weber, Utah

Wasatch At Dusk - South Weber, Utah
Last Light On The Wasatch - South Weber, Utah
Mountain White - South Weber, Utah
Nature Preserved - South Weber, Utah
A double-exposure photograph.
Autumn On The Wasatch - South Weber, Utah
Golden Light On The Mountainside - South Weber, Utah
Weber Canyon Sunset - South Weber, Utah
Fire Retardant Drop - South Weber, Utah
Water Drop - South Weber, Utah

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