Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Four Monochrome Cityscapes

Established 1889 - Ogden, Utah
This is a quick photoessay of cityscapes in black and white. These were captured over the last few days using a Fujifilm X-E1 with an X-Fujinon f/1.9 50mm DM lens and an X-Fujinon-T f/3.5 135mm EBC DM lens. They were post processed using Nik Silver Efex software.

I just love using old manual lenses. They often have character and are usually really good in quality, yet don't cost all that much money. Besides, manual focus slows me down and forces me to take a little more time. I tend to "spray-and-pray" less and get more keepers with fewer exposures. I used Silver Efex because it's super quick to achieve a finished look. 

These four photographs were captured while "out and about" and doing ordinary daily stuff. I didn't go out looking for them. I just happened to have a camera with me and was able to capture them. The lesson is that even if you don't think you have time for photography, if you keep a camera nearby you will find photographic opportunities around you as you go about your normal routine.

Always have a camera with you and always keep an eye out for potential pictures. Always be ready to photograph even if you are not planning on picture-taking. Opportunities will come along. Oh, and don't spend too much time post-processing your photographs. You may not think you have time for photography, but you do.
Station - Ogden, Utah
Ace Is Not The Place - Salt Lake City, Utah
Urban Rectangles - Salt Lake City, Utah

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