Sunday, March 12, 2017

Daylight Savings - Time To Change The Clocks On Your Cameras

Clock - South Weber, Utah
It's that time of the year again: Daylight Savings. This is the annual ritual of pretending that the time is an hour later than it actually is. We "spring forward" our clocks by one hour.

Many clocks will automatically adjust themselves. Some clocks, and typically the ones found on modern digital cameras, will not. You have to go in and change them manually.

Don't forget to do this! You don't want to remember three months from now when you are looking at the EXIF data and realize that all your images are an hour off. That's really annoying--I know this from experience.
When New Times Aren't Any Better - Pismo Beach, California
This is my annual public service announcement. I do this to remind you, but also to remind myself. I once forgot to change the clocks on my cameras, and regretted it later. So now I remind everyone so that I won't forget.

In the past I've explained the insanity of Daylight Savings. I've posted why it's completely illogical. I've posted about the health risks of it (an increase in heart attacks, for example). And I've pointed out that we don't do it for any of the reasons that you've been told (agriculture, environmental), but for tax dollars (because vacationers spend more during that extra hour of daylight). I'll spare you the boring details this time around.

Enjoy your hour loss of sleep. And in your fatigue haze, please remember to change the clocks on your cameras.

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