Monday, March 20, 2017

Among The Freaks & Geeks - Salt Lake City Comic-Con

Storm Trooper - Salt Lake City, Utah
This last weekend I attended my very first Comic-Con. When we lived in California my wife wanted to attend the big one in San Diego, but we never made it because it was too far away and too expensive. I never really had a desire to attend myself, but thought it might be a worthwhile photographic experience. Since we now live in Utah, the Salt Lake City Comic-Con was a reasonable distance from our house and the entrance fee was not too high, so we went.

If ever I was among freaks and geeks, it was at the Comic-Con! It's a strange crew that attends. It's like Halloween on steroids. That's an exaggeration, obviously, because the majority of people were actually very normal looking. We met some very nice folks who gave us helpful advice. But there was certainly a lot more odd characters than I'm used to seeing in one place.

The Salt Lake City Comic-Con was at the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown. It's a somewhat interesting structure, as far as architecture goes. Inside was crowded with people going in every which direction. It was almost too crowded.

I had my Fuji X-E1 around my neck. Attached to the front was a Rokinon f/2 12mm lens. With this ultra-wide-angle lens you have to get really close to the subject. I wanted to do photojournal/street type images, which means that I had to get close and remain inconspicuous with this lens. The solution was to zone-focus and shoot from the hip. In my pocket I had an X-Fujinon f/3.5 135mm lens for when I needed to go telephoto.

As we were walking around I saw all sorts of people dressed as Star Wars and Star Trek and other space Sci-Fi characters. But I saw nothing from the greatest Sci-Fi comedy ever: Spaceballs. How is Spaceballs not represented by at least one person at Comic-Con? Then, just as we were getting ready to leave, I saw someone dressed as Barf. He was walking away, so I asked if I could take his picture (I couldn't do the candid image that I wanted). That's the only posed shot.

The most entertaining part was the panel discussions. We watched actor Greg Grunberg and a few guys from The Walking Dead. It wasn't the greatest spot for photography (unless, perhaps, you paid extra to get the close seats), but it was interesting to hear their stories and answer questions.

We only stayed for a few hours. That was enough. It was an interesting experience, and I'm glad that I went. But Comic-Cons aren't really my thing. I suppose a camera convention would be more up my alley. Just as long as those attending aren't dressed up like DSLRs or something.
Street Cyclist - Salt Lake City, Utah
Cat Crossing - Salt Lake City, Utah
Power Rangers - Salt Lake City, Utah
The Fox - Salt Lake City, Utah
A Face In The Crowd - Salt Lake City, Utah
Barf - Salt Lake City, Utah
Watching Greg Grunberg Watching You - Salt Lake City, Utah
TWD - Salt Lake City, Utah
I Was There - Salt Lake City, Utah
The End - Salt Lake City, Utah

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